The Dodd and Dorothy Bryan Foundation was created under the last will and testament of Dorothy L. Bryan in March of 1965 to honor her husband Dodd Bryan.  Mr. Bryan was a successful insurance executive with what is now the INA Insurance Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Starting in 1939, Mrs. Bryan spent 25 consecutive summers at Eaton’s Ranch.  After his retirement, Mr. Bryan joined her each summer until his death in 1960. Despite having residences in Philadelphia, Phoenix and California, Mrs. Bryan insisted that her legal residence should be Eaton’s Ranch, in Wolf, Sheridan County Wyoming.

Mrs. Bryan together with the advice of her legal counsel, William Redle, decided that the philosophies she shared with her husband could be served by establishing a foundation to benefit the education of present and future generations.

Thus, The Dodd and Dorothy L. Bryan Foundation was created on March 22, 1965, with the main purpose,

“To aid in the higher education of worthy high school graduates, who without such aid would not be able to pursue their education; said aid to be in the form of interest free loans, and to be given impartially to boys and girls who for a period of at least one year have been residents of  Sheridan, Johnson or Campbell County in Wyoming, or of Big Horn, Rosebud or Powder River County in Montana.”

Mrs. Bryan passed away in March of 1971.

Since the start of the Foundation that she founded to honor her husband over 10 Million dollars in interest free loans have been made to worthy recipients of these six counties.