Dear Loan Recipient:

It is the policy of the Bryan Foundation to renew loans for current recipients as long as the student continues to be enrolled on a full time basis (usually 12 credit hours) and has maintained a GPA of 2.25.

If you wish to continue the loan, you must return this form with your signature and be sure the foundation has received a transcript indicating your cumulative GPA for preceding year.

Applicants may borrow up to $6,000.00 per year ($3,000.00 per semester) for undergraduate and vocational school and $7,500.00 per year ($3,750.00 per semester) for graduate school. Vocational schooling may be eligible for larger payment based on tuition requirements. In determining loan amount, applicants are encouraged to consider other sources of funding available (scholarships, savings, parental support, etc) in order to incur the least amount of indebtedness possible upon graduation.

This form must be returned with transcripts and proof of enrollment before funding occurs. Forms will be accepted by email or mail. An electronic version of this form is available here.

Formal Request

I hereby apply for an interest-free loan from the Dodd and Dorothy L. Bryan Foundation, in the amount below for the school year. (Students can borrow up to $6,000 for undergraduate and $7,500 for graduate school).

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